Special items in Europe??

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  1. Hi everyone! Wanted to pick your brains a little. My husband and I are planning a trip to London, Paris, and Amsterdam after I graduate from nursing school this coming May. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a special item I could get from LV in any of those locations? Also I've heard some negative things about the LV Champs Elysees location, does anyone have any experience in that?

    To add a bit of background: I currently have Neverfull MM in monogram, Speedy B 25 in DE, Sarah wallet in empriente, DE key cles, MC noir pochette, and I'm most likely going to get a keepall before the trip. Thanks in advance for your help!!
  2. save yourself ~$600 and buy the keepall in Paris! I've been to Paris three times and have always had great service at the LV Champs Elysees
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  3. I just went to Champs Elysees and while the SAs I spoke with were nice... I hated that store. I have always enjoyed quiet experiences in LV boutiques. The Champs Elysees location on a Sunday was a nightmare. At least for me and what I enjoy out of an LV experience. For example at one point I could not see the items in a display case due to bags left on top and 2 trays of dirty oj and water glasses. I pushed the tray over to see items and it was pushed right back at me. Didn't realize I was pushing the tray over top of items that someone else was looking at. I had waited till the final stop (Paris) of my Europe trip to do my LV shopping. Looking back, I wish I had done my serious shopping in another country in a quiet LV and just enjoyed the Champs store as a tourist site to walk through.
  4. BTW. Amsterdam was my absolute favorite city and I wish I had done my LV shopping there. My advice shop at LV in the city you fall for. All the cities have their own personalities and I waited till Paris to do LV but really didn't like Paris or the store there. I loved Amsterdam and wish I had some LV from my wonderful time there.
  5. Has anyone shopped at the LV in Rome? We will be traveling in the fall and I've been thinking of making a purchase as a souvenir
  6. That's a really good point about buying a larger item to save more over there. I'm a little worried about space issues though. What would I do with the luggage I brought over there?
  7. Thanks for your perspective! I've been to Paris many times and I absolutely love it, but I have heard similar things to what you said about the CE location. Maybe the other location is better?
  8. use a fold-able tote like a Longchamp on the way over there as a carry on that then you can switch into the Keepall on the way back. Last time I went to Europe I traveled with one check-in luggage, my keepall (as carry-on) and neverfull (as personal item).
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  9. First of all, congrats to your graduation!

    I frankly would choose the location by price: Isn't London currently cheapest with the falling british pound?
    And I would try to avoid Saturdays, probably going weekday mornings.

    Keepall is a good idea, because you will be saving a lot. Can't you use the Neverfull as carry-on on the trip to Europe? Although I understand that something cute and small would also make a nice souvenir.

    Good luck deciding and have much fun on the trip!
  10. If you decide to shop in London I'd try and get there early. I was at the Bond Street location Thursday afternoon last week and you had to register to see a SA it was approx a half an hour wait. Like another poster said not such a relaxing shopping experience falling over other people and having to queue. I visited the Selfridges boutique early on Friday morning and SA's practically queuing to help me was a much different and more pleasant experience. Hope that helps you.
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  11. I said it 1000 times on TPF: shop at the store Avenue Montaigne in Paris.
  12. You're going in May. :smile: What could be available by spring in Europe might not even be known to us now. If you wanted something unique, maybe follow the SS2017 collection. Or keep your options open for any new-colour empreinte or vernis item that launches by then.
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  13. I shopped at the LV on Via Condotti last spring and was very impressed! The store was rather empty and we were helped immediately, and they filled out all the VAT forms for me before I could even mention I needed them. The store is also right next to the Spanish Steps, so you basically HAVE to walk right by it! :P
  14. My favorite SA works at this store, I 100% agree with Fab on this one. When I was there in March I had afternoon tea at the Plaza Athénée across the street and then went shopping. Such a nicer, calmer, less-touristy option than the store on the Champs! Avoid that one at all costs. The store in Saint-Germain is under construction (or it was a few months ago) so their stock is a little limited, but it's still in a lovely location.
  15. You can check the France and UK pricing on line. I did that the second the pound started falling and it turns out that even with the pound as low as it is, it is still more expensive than France and even other EU countries. UK never seems to have very good pricing.
    The store on Champs Elysees can be pretty crazy, having a line to go in is just ridiculous to me. And it seems to always be packed, but I still shop there since I never seem to pass by the Avenue Montaigne one and I don't make the detour there. (My husband does not support my "hobby", so I don't go out of the way to go to a store... I just happen to pass by and say we should go in haha). Shopping at Printemps sucks too cause hoards of tour buses go there too. No less than 5 unloaded there at opening the Monday morning I was there and it was just swarmed like it was Chinatown.
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