special items at the marc store

  1. im planning on going down to the marc by marc jacobs store on bleeker st, nyc.

    has anyone been recently? do they have lot of special items?? i saw some cute rainboots on the website and wonder if they have it at the store. :confused1:
  2. i was just there last week actually. i was planning on going there again tomorrow (my boyfriend and my friend both want the fedoras).

    there was quite a lot of special items: the key necklace, some rainboots (not the white ones that say new york though, which were the ones i wanted), a bunch of tees, the pan am explorer bags in white and navy blue, the pan am innovator in the same colors, compacts, lipstick pens, matte leather wallets, quilted wallets, coin purses, the jacobs by marc jacobs canvas bags, the new smaller jacobs bags (comes in red, gray, blue, and yellow), gloves, and condoms.

    that's all i can remember. according to the sales associates, they get new shipments every week or so. hopefully, they have more stuff i can buy this time around. i really should take a break from that place...

  3. thanks for the info!!! now im excited to go tomorrow :smile:
  4. i have the rainboots and i love them so much. I would advise you to buy a size smaller than normal though, mine are a little to wide!