Special Issue Scarf for 2006 in stores??

  1. Do these show up in stores??

    I am looking for

    Couvertures Et Tenues De Jour

    Issued for the 2006 World Equestrian Games.
    Has anyone seen it in the H boutique?

    I am not sure how it works with the special issues...any enlightenment would be appreciated.

    I think I must have this!!!!!!!!
  2. CB -- i saw one on eBay a while ago (fairly pricey), and i think the listing said it was only sold at aachen, so you may need to get it from the secondary market.
  3. Ooh, CB, that's one scarf design I love! I have the bracelet in blue.
  4. OMG There is a bracelet??? I must have that, too!!! SN, can you post pics, or PM them to me???
    Where will this all end....???
  5. Lol, CB! Yeah, it never ends! I don't think the bracelets were any kind of special ed or anything.. just regular issue, so you'll prolly be able to find them in some stores still:smile: I think a couple of other ladies here have the same design bracelet too.

    Here's mine - blue with gold rims.

  6. that is really pretty..