Special H Reveal!

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  1. I miss seeing reveals so I’m happy to contribute! I promise I won’t disappear and leave you hanging!


    I picked up a very special bag in Chicago. Despite not wanting to leave it from my clutches, I opted to ship it home since tax is 4.25% less. Luckily they ship overnight so I didn’t have to wait much longer!
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  2. IMG_2840.jpg

    I was really happy that they released a neutral, minimal color Twilly. On the website, it looked like black, navy, and white...but it was pure navy and white!
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  3. IMG_2841.jpg


    I’ll give a sneak peek and a hint...I ordered it Dec 17, 2017! It arrived late January, but I was just now able to make the trip and pick it up...luckily my home store is good about holding it for me!
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  4. IMG_2843.jpg



    Here she is! Miss K28 Retourne. Clemence Etain exterior, Craie interior/contrast stitching, and brushed GHW. We also ordered the strap longer so I can also wear it crossbody.

    So I originally ordered it in Clemence but changed it to Togo a few days later....it still showed up in Clemence so just be wary if you try to change an order...it may not translate by the time they create it. I just changed it because I’m comfortable with Togo....I was unfamiliar with Clemence...but now it’s in hand, I do love it. I didn’t even know it wasn’t Togo until I was home and saw the box.

    It also was a bonus that I didn’t have to pay the new price increase.
  5. Gorgeous :heart:
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  6. IMG_2849.jpg

    So my mini H collection of neutrals is nearly complete! I still think I want an ivory and black bag to round out my neutrals. I’ll probably request a black B (I’m still a little remorseful I rejected it last year). I also think a Craie Lindy or Picotin would be really pretty.

    So three neutrals in three different leathers:

    Trench Togo, Etoupe Swift, and Etain Clemence
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  7. IMG_2852.jpg


    I’ve been having fun playing dress up with my Twilly choices...I think I’ll start with the light blue!

    I’m hoping to post some try on photos of the bag crossbody tomorrow.
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  8. Sorry! The app didn’t like my last post! I tried to delete a duplicate photo and change it!

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  9. Congrats on your beautiful Etain SO! :congrats: You're amassing a nice neutral collection! :smile:
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  10. Congratulations! What a beauty.
    I almost got the same twilly a few days ago but opted for tree of song. I'm sure Etain will work with many different colors.
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  11. Congratulations on your SO, it’s a gorgeous addition to your neutral family!
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  12. OMG They are absolutely breathtaking! Congratulations!
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  13. Gorgeous!!!! Congrats!!
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  14. :heart: Congrats, this is a lovely, lovely reveal.
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  15. Beautiful! I have my eyes on this twilly too. I'm going to check with my SS. Congrats!
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