Special Features of the Heritage Stripe Tote


Jul 21, 2008
North Texas
A short story-

I was out at a restaurant today. When the waitress brought the drinks, one glass of water slipped and spilled clear across the table onto the chair that my bag was on. The bottom did get a puddle of water under it, and I about freaked out! Then I remembered which bag it was, dried it off and looked it over. It still looks good! :tup:
So I can tell you all that it is pretty much waterproof since I have tested it out myself. I'm glad I was running late this morning because I almost switched to one of the Legacy bags! :sweatdrop:


Videre est credere
Jul 23, 2008
Yup. Aren't they wonderful? I had mine sitting at my feet in our minivan while my husband was driving. We went thru a fast food drive thru and got these HUGE drinks. When we drove away they both tipped forward in the cup holders because they were top heavy and soda spilled out the top and all over my tote. I FREAKED out praying it didn't get inside and hit the lining. It did not. So I wiped off the outside and away we went. Hubby was funny he was throwing napkins at me whilst shouting "here wipe it up hurry" and watching me freak out.