special edition blenheim

  1. hi girls visited the outlet today:yes: they have a blenheim in in two colours -oak and tan i think -i was told it was a special edition in 2005 with the outer stitch design similar to the martha the only thing putting me off is the leather outer stitch detail that runs around the sides of the bag,does anyone have a special edition blenheim like this and how does it hold up to everyday use? :s
  2. Sorry I can't help with your question, but which outlet was it Bayley? I'm going to Cheshire Oaks on Saturday and might still be tempted by a Blenheim if they have some :smile:
  3. york. i love the classics but with a twist i have the purple glove leather with the tassel design x
  4. Sounds like the handstitched blenheim. They did the handstitched roxanne and blenheim; it is two-tone with whipstitching. I would imaging it would hold up fairly well to everyday use, and if not, then it will have a year's guarantee with it, so you can always take it back in that time if you have any problems with it.