Special Edition: Belharra Biarritz Tote

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  1. #1 Jun 24, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
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  2. Thanks for sharing! Looks like a great beach bag. Does it come in other colors?
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  3. Sorry for the late reply. I'm still waiting for a response from Goyard. The Biarritz store pictures only show the orange model here so I think it's just the one colour. (if I remember correctly, St. Tropez's Méditerranée special edition tote was limited to three colours so it would make sense for the Biarritz to follow).
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  4. For visual reference, here's how it compares to an Artois. It's reversible like the St.Louis, with the Goyardine canvas being waterproof and suitable for wet swimwear and the like.

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  5. Thanks! Looks like a great size.
    I really need to visit the shop soon!
  6. Thanks for sharing. I super love the seemingly bucket shape of this tote. Do you think its handle and corner are more reinforced as compared to Saint Louis?
  7. The handles seem like they can take more weight since they are thicker. Not sure about the corners as there's no picture of the canvas turned out.
  8. They are! I remember a post from a few years back about a member who took her St Louis tote to a leather cobbler along with her Neverfull to ask him about differences between the two. Right away, the cobbler told her that the Neverfull can support more weight because the straps are sewn onto one side of the bag. On the St Louis, the handles are "split" before being sewn onto both sides of the bag. Now this is purely for aesthetics because of the St Louis's ability to reverse, but the cobbler said that this significantly weakens the straps.

    The Belharra, while reversible, has the straps sewn onto the cotton-canvas side, which leads me to believe that it can handle much more weight.
  9. Thanks. Now this gives us a very good reason to go Biarritz!
  10. Anyone know the price?
  11. 1200Eur.
  12. Was at Biarritz store today. The special edition tote is in red tone than orange. I did not purchase one.