Special Constance Reveal frm FSH

  1. Ladies

    Special constance reveal from FSH. Apparently the first of its kind at the store.

    Its Rouge Casaque/ Vermillion. Its the 23/24cm size.

    Horsehair/Swift PHW
    c3.jpeg c4.jpeg c1.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. Congrats for the beautiful find! It is gorgeous! :smile:
  3. Congrats, beautiful find! You're making me miss FSH so much! Might look up flights this morning! :lol:
  4. stunning constance...congrats!
  5. Love love the constance, what a find!!!! huge congrats.
  6. Gorgeous constance! Love the Crinoline!
  7. Wow! That's amazing.

    I've been looking at the Constance bags because they will fit my lifestyle better than a Kelly or a Birkin would. I must say yours has definitely made me think this is now a must have.
  8. congrats! this is a very nice one!
  9. wow! beautiful!!
  10. t
  11. thanks!

    yes indeed a great find! i was adamant to get a constance this time:smile:
    picked up a black epsom kelly32 sellier GHW too!
    yes the crinoline is stunning!:smile:

    yes i am tired of birkins... loving the constance!:smile:


  12. Very interesting. Congrats!!
  13. Beautiful, love the colour.
  14. very pretty. love the colour. congrats :smile:
  15. its gorgeous ! thanks for showing us !