Special Care for your Light Colored Wallets?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I just bought a magnolia clutch/long wallet and also the Collonil spray to protect it, but I was wondering if those of you that have light colored wallets do anything else to protect it when it's in your handbag? E.g. keeping it in a dustbag as opposed to letting it rub against all the other contents in your handbag?

    I'm so afraid of getting this gorgeous pink color dirty!!

  2. Thanks for bringing this up - I just bought this wallet and have been afraid to use it for the same reason. I've considered the dust bag, too, and am waiting for my Collonil spray to arrive.

    Have you sprayed yours yet? Did you notice any difference in texture, colour, etc.?
  3. I have the same situation! I am waiting for my collonil to arrive as well. I have used mine for about 3 weeks and it attracted some minor ink marks. I am guessing the ink mark is from the inside of my bag lining and it got transferred to the wallet! I now use my chanel flap in white with white leather lining though so that I make sure no dirt gets into the wallet. I guess keeping your bags clean is one way to avoid stain because it will just be a hassle to open up the dust bag everytime I want to take out my wallet. Anyway, does wallets come with a dust bag? I bought mine from bluefly.com and it just comes with the box. thanks
  4. ^^^My Bluefly wallet didn't come with a dust bag, but the ones directly from BV did. I'm worried about my darker accessories rubbing off on the wallet, too. Guess this wasn't my most practical purchase! Sure is beautiful, though.
  5. mine didn't come with a dustbag as well so I might have to look for something that'll be big enough to fit the wallet AND be easy for me to take the wallet out. Quite a hassle but I think it's worth it cos the color is SO TDF!!!
    as for the collonil spray, I just sprayed mine today and the spray seems pretty good so far, it didn't stain the wallet or change the texture even though I sprayed A LOT of it on, like layers after layers! will update more once I actually use the wallet and see if it remains stain free.
  6. For my zip around wallet in Ebano, I allocate a compartment especially for this 1 precious item. My BV Roma bag has 3 compartments, so this is not a problem at all. For my other bags, I will allocate the size zipper pocket for the wallet. In this way, my wallet does not rub against any of the other items in my bag.
  7. Seems like a dustbag would be a major hassle with a commonly used item as a wallet. I would use the spray as long as it didn't stain or stiffen the leather and forget about the dustbag! Otherwise you'll never use the wallet, and what a shame!
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