***Specchio, Spikes and everything nice — reveal!***

  1. I must admit I never was a big fan of flat Louboutins — red sole was an important component of the shoe and I didn't want to "hide" it by wearing a pair of flats.

    But then I got to sad understanding that my giant heels don't really get enough wear because they are quite uncomfortable for running daily errands and I only use them as "car to restaurant" shoe. This way I get to wear every pair once a month max and I am sure they deserve more exposure than that.

    After realising that I need more comfortable shoes as "everyday"-CL I opted for Miss Boxe wedges and Simples, which are now my most wearable shoes.

    And yet... I really wanted something flat, yet spicy :graucho:
    So, I introduce you my new love — Druide Sandal in Silver Specchio leather and spikes! I am totally in love with those and was sad to find out they didn't get much attention from CL community.

    They are super comfortable and generate comments and compliments each time I wear them :biggrin:
    druide4.jpg druide3.jpg druide2.jpg druide1.jpg
  2. They are amazing. My friend has a pair in black and she loves them.
  3. So user cute!
  4. Love these funky flats, they look comfortable yet a bit different :smile:
  5. These are gorgeous, for exactly the reasons you stated. I also don't usually go for Louboutin flats, but these are something else :hbeat:
  6. These are adorable! I had not seen them before, so thank you for introducing me to them! Are they this season?
  7. Congrats, They look beautiful
  8. so adorable enjoy :smile:
  9. You wear them well - cute and super comfy - I have them in silver and gold.
  10. They are SS 2013
  11. Very pretty and very comfy looking (the best of both worlds)!!
  12. I'm on the opposite side of the Louboutin spectrum of most wearers. I love their heels but their flats are incredible and soo comfy. I have 5 pairs of flats and they all get used! (Only had to wear each pair once to break them in). And I've been dying for these but my hubby put me on ban Island for now lol they look stunning and hope you enjoy them!! :smile:
  13. Thank ya!
  14. Yes, they are SS 2013, thanks to shoes4ever for pointing that out!

    And thank you to you for your nice words! :hugs:
  15. This is so cool, I had no idea there are other flats fans out there!
    Can relate to this ban island thing too, lol :biggrin: