Specchio bags

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  1. Was eyeing a used specchio sutton in electric blue. Love the blue and looks like good condition but wondering about the "specchio" - the silver along the sides, does it flake or scratch off easily?
  2. I have 2 hamiltons that I will sell. The specchio is beautiful when new but I think that the hardware will eventually fade, discolor, or get scratch. I would buy just the leather without the trim. I saw several nice regular EB Suttons for sale. I'm going to list mine before they tarnish and lose their beauty. Hope this helps.
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  3. I've just ordered a grey specchio EW Dillon so I'm following this with interest. I hope not!
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    I have the black/silver specchio Hamilton and the pearl grey/silver specchio Hamilton. Had them for years, use them often and they are just as new. No flaking/discolorisation/marks what so ever. I store them in dustbags, remove spots and take care of them. Do this and you will have gorgeous bags for years. So relax and enjoy your bag, the specchio in any variaty is stunning. And by the way...Sutton and Hamilton are discontinued. A specchio will soon become a collecters item...
  5. This ^
    I have a pearl grey/silver specchio Sutton - bought pre-loved - I've been using it all the time since I got it, and the silver trim still looks good as new. I love my silver specchio! It adds a little extra flair to my bag without being too dramatic. Although I'm sure the bag OP was talking about has long since been sold, hopefully this helps anyone else who is unsure about a specchio. :smile:
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  6. Oh yeah definitely sold. It just looked like some of the silver lining was flaked off or something so it made me wonder. If I see another great deal on one I might grab it. Thanks for the input ladies!
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