Specator Questions: styles, color combos, new floor release?

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  1. Although I have not seen any of the Spectator products IRL, I'm loving these bags! I'll really like the idea of the shoulder bag. Do anyone know if the spectator will come in any other styles besides the Sabrina and the shoulder bag? What color combos besides the gray, parchment (is that the one w/the green) and the violet? Will these bags be part of the new floorset on the 23rd?

    Will the shoulder bag come in the parchment (green trim) version?
  2. I was at the coach store last night. I have the gray combo shoulder they brought out the parchment and green it is way cuter in person! It is also coming out in the sabrina and julieanne in parchment/green/tan and violet/ navy very cute! They said they will have it all out on the 23rd.
  3. Thanks for the info! So, the shoulder bag IS coming out in the parchment/green/tan combo? What is the style number and price for the shoulder bag? Is the parchment and white-ish color?
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    # 13248 Maybe you can play around with the drilldown or the japanese site it use to be there differnt colors when you enlarged the pic but now its gone the shoulder bag body is parchment-off white with green trim and tan for the zippers.

    Here is the sabrina it is very simliar. 13238_svaw_a0_front.jpg

    and here is my grey shoulder bag to show you it is a little differnt than stock photo it has a mirror on the outside of the bag.

  5. Hi Mary, are they going to get the Julianne in the gray and white as well? Is it as big as the medium Julianne in size? I am so very sad, for the second spectator we have came from Jax damaaged with stitching and the white leather lifting. I posted it and I had to send it back to returns so they could see it, I am going to the store the next time and look in person. It is such a gorgeous bag. I wanted to see the gray Julianne spectator and the color willow green. Is it kind of khacki? I cannot get more sabrina's I have the violet spectator and I love her but I had wanted that gray we have badly. I also have the steel and brown. but they are medium. I guess I just got a bad shipment. They will send me a credit gift card I guess. Tell me more about that green color. Did you really like it as well as the pink? Have a great evening.:yahoo:
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    The green is more of a khaki green very cute! but I seem more drawn to the violet color! like your sabrina and they had the large Julieanne in parchment and green which in the light has a sheen to it I got to try it on so I think if I get any bag i would get the julieanne in violet I hope they get it in so I can see it IRL but I saw your small sabrina in violet and really like the color. I dont need another sabrina I have 3 lgrs so I am looking for something else. After trying the lgr julieanne on with out stuffing it is only a couple of inches bigger than the med julieanne. The grey julieanne I think is a med where the green/parchment is lgr and the violet is lgr. I am going by the prices on the japense website. but I think I might call Jax on this one I am curious?

    I called Jax no luck there no med spectator julieanne I gave her the grey style number so only the lgr is avail right now. Oh and the parchment/ green I tried on was not the same texture as the my grey spectator it has more of a flat surface to it with a sheen to it.
  7. Does anyone have a pic of the parchment/green shoulder bag? I'm dying to see this bag! I'm really liking the green, but am leary of the parchment because it is such a light color.

  8. THat is what I would be worried of also after seeing it IRL! and thats what me and the SA were discussing because it is mostily white with green trim!
    but if you are use to off white bags it would be fine!
  9. Mary, maybe the spectator Julianne is not the heavier pepple leather and lighter? What did you think of the weight of the large . I could only wear a medium Julianne and that is a maybe if it came in gray and white as originally planned before I saw this one. I do like the pink..I think the parchment Julianne will hit my jeans and transfer immediately whether they are washed or not, I am in jeans a lot in fL. Thanks!!:tup:

  10. Thanks for the info.!!:tup: I'm still torn on getting the violet large!!
  11. Me to! I waiting to see if my store gets it in so I can see it IRL! but at least I got to try the lgr/parchment and green. and the size is great! and I saw the small violet sabrina and I really like this combo!
    It is much lighter weight than my madison shoulder bag since the leather seems to be much lighter weight:tup:!
  12. ok wait. there's a julianne in solid navy or violet or a combo of both? i have got to see that!! :drool:
  13. Its the spectator lgr violet/navy Julieanne. Here it is!

  14. Is the Julieanna coming out in a spectator? where are you getting this info?
  15. From the lookbook and the japanese website.