Spears says baby no 2 was not planned.

  1. NEW YORK -- Britney Spears, expecting baby No. 2, says she and husband Kevin Federline didn't plan the pregnancy. "It just kind of happened," the 24-year-old singer reveals in an interview in the latest issue of People magazine, on newsstands Friday.
    She adds, laughing: "I'm going to wait a while for the next (one)!"
    At eight months pregnant, Spears is mom to 11-month-old son Sean Preston, the couple's first child. "I feel like I've been pregnant for 10 years!" she says.
    Having back-to-back babies can be stressful, she says, but she adheres to her mom's advice to take it "one day at a time."
    "It is now starting to get a little tiring, holding (Sean Preston), but the whole pregnancy I've done it a lot because he's very attached," she tells the magazine. "It makes me feel needed and wanted, so I like it too."
    Spears says she and Federline, 28, don't know the gender of their baby-to-be. The little one and its big brother "are going to be so close together, it's going to be weird. But I love it," she says.
    Spears — who has gained about 40 pounds during her pregnancy — plans to hit the gym and begin dieting soon after having the baby, scheduled to be a Caesarean birth, as was her first. She is not, though, ignoring her cravings at this point.
    "Crunching ice and chocolate, oh my God," she says. "I'll get up in the middle of the night and I'll get a Hershey's bar, the real big ones, and I'll put it in the microwave and melt it and eat it. It sounds disgusting, but it's so satisfying."

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    UMMMM NO S:censor: T Sherlock!
  2. She is just strange. Why would you put it out for the whole world that you didnt plan on your baby? I can't imagine ever saying something like that. I would not want my child to think later that I didnt want them.
  3. Isnt that old news. I think she came out and said this right after we found ot she was expecting again. I hope after this one she gets fixed. She doesnt need anymore kids and K-fed sure doesnt need to be the daddy.
  4. i feel bad for britney, everyone just looks for someone to focus on and point out each and every flaw. poor britney, she's just so easy to 'hate' i guess. i don't think its weird that she had her kids so close together, i knew people in school that were exactly 9 months older/younger than their siblings!
  5. I have nothing nice to say about her so I won't say anything.:Push:
  6. LOL^^^^^
  7. She couldn't or wouldn't loose the baby weight from the first baby so... Why not just get pregnant! No Diet!
  8. Whatever...
  9. Man, I still think she is not ready for children. Lets see how she fits 2 babies on her lap.
  10. And her starbucks too!;)
  11. I don't think unplanned necessarily means she doesn't want the child. She is going through with the pregnancy after all!

  12. And her cellphone too!! Or probably two cellphones! LOL!
  13. I was reading this this morning and thinking to myself "geeze, it would suck if I was the child and I found this article".
  14. I feel bad for her....
  15. So when her baby grow up he/she will know that she wasn't planned and was a "mistake". People should really think before they say things...