Speaking of Whoa . . .

  1. [​IMG]

    Anybody remember this picture? A 13 foot python tried to swallow a 6 foot alligator and exploded in the process.
  2. The snake is the thing that's curved in the picture, and that's the alligator's tail . . . sticking out.
  3. Is this what they mean by: "Your eyes are bigger than your belly?" :roflmfao:
  4. Poor snake,look Ma I ate the whole thing :roflmfao: .
  5. ick!
  6. That is gross and funny at the same time!! I guess snakes aren't too smart, at least that one wasn't.
  7. Gross. So much for breakfast.
  8. Errrrr interesting! I couldn't put that all together- I've been staring for like 5 minutes! :wtf:
  9. Match the skins. The snake is curved at the top of the picture, and the pointy thing sticking out is the alligator's body.
  10. You can just see the alligator's tail and foot. (Again, match the skins.)
  11. Was the snake on Weight Watchers? How many points was the alligator?
  12. WOW... how on earth did the python shallow it? and it exploded? whoaaaaa does any one have more pictures? It look me forever to figure out whose who.
  13. Oh man, it's like the alligator died for nothing. It could've at least been food for the python. =(
  14. The snake was trying to make it food. The article that went along with the picture said the alligator must've tried to claw its way out of the snake's stomach.
  15. lol how sad. i stared at it for a while too before realizing the skins were different. i was like, "where is the snake's head??" haha.