Speaking of the floral Madison-what other purses have been disliked from other lines?

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  1. --- it's been described as a purse that only a grandma could love. It's been said to remind posters of couches and curtains.

    Got me thinking--what other purses have been disliked like this?

    Anyone have pics to share??
  2. No pics, but I think that the Poppy line, overall, wasn't a hit initially. The change of the logo "C's" was a big topic of discussion (the original op-art bags). Garcia leather wasn't for everyone . . . some people really missed the more substantial, original legacy leather. Ooohh, I also remember lots of opinions about the Scribble line.

    I personally love that Coach comes out with such an eclectic mix of bags. There's definitely something for everyone!
  3. Most of the Patchwork styles haven't been too popular.
  4. I agree. There are VERY few patchwork styles that I have liked.

    There are actually quite a few styles that I did not like at all when they first came out but, later grew to love.

  5. Not a patchwork fan here (except the blackish on the Zoe).
  6. The only patchwork I have is one of the holiday ones:


    for some reason, I adore it. And I have the lighter color scribble that came out in '05...first coach bag :heart:.

    I don't care for the op-art c's...though I am getting used to them. Don't like a whole lot of poppy (I like a few)...don't care for the scribble collection that came out after the one I got (there is a difference to me :shrugs:)
  7. Any patchwork styles!
  8. Patchwork, PVC, and the small C's... I never have cared for any of those styles.I'am trying to move to leather slowly...Thanks to some here on TPF...I have purchased some Patent bags..So far I'am Loving them....
  9. I am NOT a fan of the patchwork styles at all. Nor the new Audrey.
  10. patchwork
    hamptons carryalls
    anything that doesnt zip closed
  11. I've had a lot of "misses"...but I don't want to hurt any feelings!!
  12. I didn't used to like the patchwork ones, but now I want one and they don't seem to be making any new ones? Not a fan of the plaid Poppy, and I like the floral in small doses (wristlet) but not the bags.
  13. The only patchwork style that I ever liked and owned was the first ( I think) denim patchwork.

    I don't like anything with flowers and I wasn't a fan of the Poppy line until I got my Cobalt Blue tote and now it's my favorite bag.
  14. HAs there been any one purse which really flopped for Coach?
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    I'm not sure about total flop, but for a long time there were a ton of hamptons patchwork bags at my outlet. Not my cup of tea.