Speaking of Sneakers

  1. what do you think of these

  2. honestly....I don't care for them :sad: Im sorry!!
  3. the second one looks photoshopped to me:weird::amazed:
  4. I love the first pair :love: :love: Are they customized by Fafi or Miss Van?
  5. i like these! first ones too busy. these look like a comic strip- like charlie brown.:amuse:
  6. The first ones are Fafi. But, I loves Miss Van!!!!
  7. Both of em are real cute. Thanks 4 sharing.
  8. not my style but they are unique
  9. yes, def not my style!cute, though|!
  10. yeah not my style at all, but I do like the pink ones.
  11. Cute, like the 2nd one.