Speaking of S/A's

  1. I know I have seen on her before that a few of you have S/A's that will e-mail pictures of the season's bags, or upcoming bags, ect. I have given up on getting out of town to shop, & would prefer to do it this way. I just called Neiman's in Houston & asked for designer handbags & asked for someone to do this. They had no idea what I was talking about, & said it would be difficult because apparently they would have to have someone in charge come & take the bags & photograph them ect ect. Told me to call tomorrow, when I will probably be busy & forget to even do it.

    Who has a good S/A who could do this? It is way to much hassle to have to go to the Chanel site & go through those little flash pictures that you cannot see the bags on anyway. And I really am not crazy about any of them in the NM catalog, but there again it is sometimes hard to tell with those poses.

    Thanks for any advice! I would prefer Neiman's because I have a credit there, but also Saks is ok as I have an account there. I guess it really does not matter that much where....
  2. Can they really do that?? Take pictures of the Season's bags and send it to you through e-mail? That sounds cool and helpful!!
  3. Hmm I never heard of it either!
  4. DJO, a member here, is a Saks SA and he will send you photos. I highly recommend him.
  5. Thanks, I will try to look him up. For those of you that like this - I think they called it "lookbook" photos - ?
    Noone has ever shown me any:smile: It has been many years since I lived somewhere that has a Chanel Dept., even.
  6. DJO is awesome and very helpful. My SA in Dallas will send pics via email, PM me and I'll give you her info. Also, this weekend is Double Points at NM.
  7. Brandi from Saks in San Antonio is a really lovely SA who send out pics. Just call and ask for her, she's amazing and goes far and beyond for her customers. I dealt with her on a daily basis when I bought my Reissue from her and even though she transferred the bag to L.A. and didn't get the commission afterwards( Which wasn't fair and I tried everything to solve it) she checked a couple of weeks later if I still love my bag. I never met another SA who's so dedicated to her clients!
  8. as far as i know only dept stores SAs can do it... i think chanel has a rule of no pictures..... I have asked for pics from 2 different SAs (they both are my SAs, not just random SAs) from different chanel boutiques and they both said that chanel does not allow them to give pics to customers...
  9. Thanks I will try San Antonio & Dallas also. Does anyone know if the new Austin NM has a Chanel dept? I know the Saks there does not, at least not when I lived there.....
  10. Stuart Ing, (asst manager) at Chanel in Hawaii sent me pics of the 3 sizes of white caviar classics. I guess it depends on the SA. His phone no is 808 923-0255.
  11. it depends on the SA if they want to bend the rule or not...
    but most SAs wont....
  12. NM will in San Antonio