Speaking of Magazine Offers

  1. I never recieved my magazines from that offer a few months ago. I think it was 5 magazines for $25 or so. Anyone else have the same problem?
  2. I did and I emailed them at customer service. They sent me four credits because they said that one was renewed. But I have not received those either!!!:yucky:
  3. Hi JNH14, Do you still have their e-mail address? I want to complain! I'm sure we'll never get our $ back.
  4. support@bigmags.com
    Try this and link to customer service. I just reordered on Feb 15th-they told me 6-8 weeks...so I'll have to wait until the end of March to see if they come.:confused1:
  5. I too never received not one magazine and i ordered back in december! i'm emailing now!
  6. So get this...i emailed the site and they apologized for the inconvenience. They re-issued the Elle order and then offered me 4 additional credits....too bad none of the original mags i ordered were being offered!!! so annoyed! i emailed again to say that i expected a full refund. anyone else having issues??
  7. I found the same thing-I ordered four more magazines-if I don't get them soon I will do the cancel all of them and demand a refund!
  8. support wrote me back immediately and said these credits don't expire and they will be adding more magazines to their list. I DONT CARE! I am going to threaten reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and going to put in a claim with my credit card company.
  9. I never received any either! And it has been well past the 8-12 weeks they stated when I first signed on in December. I'll be sending them an email demanding my money back. :cursing:

    PS - I also bought a couple off an eBay seller I'm sure was recommended here and haven't received those either?!?!? Aaaahhhh!!!!
  10. FWIW, some of my eBay magazine subscriptions really did take 10-12wks before they started, but I've never had one that didn't eventually start.

    Hope that yours come soon!
  11. I just got am e-mail apologizing and offering me 5 credits, but NONE od my original magazines are on the list! And when I picked 5 new ones (mostly for friends as there's nothing there I want) the site still asked me for a credit card number! Talk about wasted time and money!
  12. I orderd from BigMag back in December too. Haven't received a dayum magazine YET..... I contacted customer service by phone (always goes to voicemail) and by email - no return calls or emails.:cursing:

    I called my CC, they are in the process of refunding my money.
  13. I agreed oftentimes it took mine a long time to come when I got them online.....but I still did get them. that sucks...hope it works out
  14. The bright side of things - I called Hearst Publishing to order the mags again and I got a great deal on Vogue, Vanity Fair, Allure, & Lucky - got each for $12 for 2 years, plus some tote bags :yes: