Speaking of keychains-anyone shop at Dillard's?

  1. If you do-do you ever see Antonio Melani keychains there? Antonio Melani handbags are exclsuive to Dillard's and they are also the only place to get their keychains-i am having a hard time finding them online. Are they in the stores?
  2. I haven't been to a dillard's in a long time, but if I ever do, I'd love to check them out
  3. Going to Dillards in the next day or so to pick up some Kenzie shoes I ordered.. Is there something in particular you are looking for?
  4. I wish I could find a picture of them-but, they are keychains made by Antonio Melani who is a handbag designer-they are long strips of leather with 2 silver colored hearts on them and then a silver ring attached for the keys-the leather comes in different colors-I would like a black one. On the ring itself it says Antonio Melani. I don't think they could cost much-the last one I saw on eBay was going for $2.99 new (I missed it by minutes!)

    here is a link to his handbags on the Dillard's website:

    Thanks so much!
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