speaking of jobs, where did you work at age 17?

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  1. Hii,

    I need a job, im 17. I would love to know where everyone worked to get some ideas about where to apply.. I was thinking retail, so I could get discounts haha. I have been babysitting for ever, and even though I get extremely good money (babysitting for rich people has its benefits).. its time to move on.

    Where did you work at age 17?
  2. At age 17 I worked as a receptionist/general assistant in a Law school. It was only three years ago. :P
  3. I worked for DeCA (Defence Commissary Agency) when I was...16 (I think...) right before my 17th birthday. I was a Sales Store checker and worked there for a whopping....

    4 days :smile:
  4. oohh cool! how was that? how was the pay, if you dont mind me asking! Did you have fun doing it, or did it get hard/boring? thanks
  5. 18 I started in retail.
  6. hahaha how come? Then where did you work?
  7. Was that the age they started hiring? Also, what kind of retail?
  8. I worked at Pathmark as a cashier.:shame: :yucky:
  9. I scooped ice cream at Baskin Robbins after school a few nights a week and in the summer to earn extra $$.
  10. I was a server at an upscale restaurant.
  11. I worked at a full service car wash drying off cars and washing windows. The nice thing about that job was that the hours were extremely flexible, because car washes depend on good weather to stay open.
  12. Cashier at a grocery store and then a retail clothing store.
  13. grocery store and clothes stores in my local town
  14. Pay was better than I had been used to at the time, 12/hr. There were times where it was fun and there were times when it was boring.

    The fun part was that the School would pay for the entire Dean's office to go lunch--- I ate at some finer restaurants during that time than I ever had in my whole entire life. I also met some really rich and influential people, but I wasn't mature enough to know that I should hob-nob and make connections.

    The interesting part was that I would write personal letters for the Dean; but that was supposed to be a secret, LOL.

    It was boring during the summer because school really slows down during that time.
  15. im 17 and i work at tesco, its a huge supermarket, like your walmart. i work as a cashier whilst am in school but i LOVE it, i love the people i work with i have such a giggle