speaking of jobs, where did you work at age 17?


Sep 30, 2006

I need a job, im 17. I would love to know where everyone worked to get some ideas about where to apply.. I was thinking retail, so I could get discounts haha. I have been babysitting for ever, and even though I get extremely good money (babysitting for rich people has its benefits).. its time to move on.

Where did you work at age 17?


Nov 12, 2006
oohh cool! how was that? how was the pay, if you dont mind me asking! Did you have fun doing it, or did it get hard/boring? thanks
Pay was better than I had been used to at the time, 12/hr. There were times where it was fun and there were times when it was boring.

The fun part was that the School would pay for the entire Dean's office to go lunch--- I ate at some finer restaurants during that time than I ever had in my whole entire life. I also met some really rich and influential people, but I wasn't mature enough to know that I should hob-nob and make connections.

The interesting part was that I would write personal letters for the Dean; but that was supposed to be a secret, LOL.

It was boring during the summer because school really slows down during that time.