Speaking of House Cleaning.....

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  1. When I worked full time, I hired a maid because I hate doing housework and I refused to spend my weekends on chores.

    I eventually quit and became a housewife and kept the maid because I was so busy being involved in my son's school activities because I was the only one that could give that much time into the the teacher's projects.

    Now, I am not quite as busy during the day because we are getting close to his graduation, and I still have my maid.

    I have gotten so used to her but I have to admit, that I sit here on the computer while she is cleaning. I feel so bad cause I feel lazy, but I do pay her well and I know she desperately needs the money.

    I do cook every night and still do the laundry though.

    Any one else besides my husband think this is wrong? (he never says anything outright to me cause 1) i pay with my own money and 2) i will have to :boxing: if he complains to me.
  2. I think that's the key personally.
  3. I don't see anything wrong with it. I don't like house cleaning or cooking. But I'm single and live alone. I don't pay a maid because I don't care if my house gets messy. If I had a husband and he wanted a clean house I'd hire a maid.
  4. just think that you are givingt hem the opportunity to make living then youll be fine ;)
  5. I dont see anything wrong with it. I personally like cleaning, I get a stupid kind of high off it. But if I had the $ I'd hire someone to do my ironing... I HATE ironing!!
  6. I don't think a housekeeper needs to be justified by how busy you are or aren't. I think if you want one, and choose to spend your $ on one, then end of story.
  7. I think there is nothing wrong with having a cleaning lady. Our cleaning lady is part of a work program to help recent immigrants get a solid dependable job upon entry into the states so that make me feel good. She is the sweetest woman EVER! She has even helped me brush up on my russian.
  8. When I lived in SoCal we had a housekeeper. Occassionally the days she worked would coincide with my days off and I always felt a bit funny lounging around drinking coffee while she cleaned our house---but not funny enough to tell her to go home, LOL.

    I would give ANYTHING to hire a housekeeper again, but with my work hours it would be impossible to arrange, seeing as I have to sleep during the day. I can't think of anything I hate more than housework. Oddly enough I didn't mind it when I was single, but now every time I have to get down on my hands and knees to scrub the floor where SOMEONE (translation: my DH or one of his sons) spilled something and didn't bother to wipe it up, or even notice, I get all kinds of resentments.
  9. I am having this same issue, The DH and I own our own business but Im going to start staying home. I do some work from home but im not REALLY busy... We have a cleaning lady now that comes every other monday and she stays all day cleaning. I HATE cleaning... I am wanting to keep her even when I start staying home but I feel bad for doing it. I clean in between like dust, sweep, always do my own laundry and dishes. She just DEEP cleans (Bathrooms, moping, ect...) I really want her to stay cleaning for us but I feel lazy and I think I would feel bad sitting while she is cleaning my house, lol

    BTW, We dont have kids yet, lol
  10. Yep, ITA. Think of the money you spend on a cleaner as money you spend to buy yourself time to do other things, no need to feel guilty about it!
  11. I have a housekeeper come in once a month to do a thorough deepclean at chez pursegrrl once a month. I'm single, no kids and no pets!! How decadent is this??

    You know, it's so worth it to me. The bliss of coming home to an immaculate house after a tough day at work is beyond amazing for me. I've been using this cleaning service for 7-8 years and they are incredible.

    Now, things like laundry and ironing I will gladly take care of myself. I'd honestly feel weird having hired help do that for me, but that's just me.
  12. I think it's perfectly acceptable.
  13. I think it's fine that you have a housekeeper to help you out! My DH and I both work, but we've had a housekeeper for the past two years who comes every other week to do the basics: clean bathrooms, clean the kitchen, vacuum, dust, clean the floors, etc. That's it.... my DH and I do laundry, change the sheets on our bed, and I always tidy up right before the housekeeper comes over to clean.

    My DH has a long commute to his workplace, so he just wants to relax on the weekends and not worry about cleaning bathrooms, etc. (that use to be his job! and I did the vacuuming/dusting), so I think it's worth spending the extra money to have a housekeeper help out! Nothing wrong with it!
  14. Not going to lie, I would feel extremely awkward. I would leave the house when the housekeeper comes. My mother will clean WITH them, she won't just sit there. Not saying this is a requirement, but for me, I would feel extremely uncomfortable hanging out on the couch watching TV or whatever while someone is cleaning my house. Just my two cents. I wouldn't feel bad if I was spending that time with my kids, or bustling around doing other things, but I don't think I could just casually be present with nothing to do while my housekeeper was there.

    abbygirl, if you know your housekeeper desperately needs money, maybe you can tip her very generously now and again... better than merely feeling guilty about it.

    I guess it's the hippie part of me coming out here!
  15. I have a housekeeper, too. She comes M-F almost all day, and I absolutely love her. It's well worth the money (I'm in the 3rd world, so it's *cheap* to me--her monthly salary is what my parents in the US pay for a once per week cleaning lady). That said, I've been working 6-7 days per week, so it's a blessing to have someone shop for groceries, keep the house clean, do laundry and cook.

    I think if you can afford it and pay for it, then why worry?