Speaking of Horrible Fakes

  1. What is that?? Glows in the dark LV??
  2. oh dear lord my eyes...my poor eyes...:sick:

    at least there are no bids on that one! :yucky:
  3. Is it a prerequisite for sellers who are trying to pass off fakes as authentic to take a creative writing class?? :shocked:
  4. oh my gosh....this is horrific.....
  5. Sratsey ~ This Is A Very Good Idea...& Hysterical! ......The Auction Marysoft Posted Is Already Taken Down! .......VERY, VERY Good!!!
  6. OMG! This looks like a mix between a Theda withtout the sides and a Alma. It looks like a hollogram!
  7. Nothing is right about those! Gross!