Speaking of heat-stamping...

  1. Didn't want to jack another pf-er's thread.

    Would you heat-stamp a wallet? Have you heat-stamped a wallet before? (pics would be nice) :heart:

    Have you heat-stamped anything other than your initials? (is there a character limit?) Font size selections? Colors? Symbols?

    How can I find out which Vuitton boutique provides this service?

    Thanks gals! :smile: Sorry for the thousand questions! :Push:

  2. You can heat stamp a wallet.
  3. they have a book which has different font sizes/colours etc... my mum got a red colour like the trim of the vachetta and it looks brilliant
  4. Here's my wallet and luggage tag.
  5. how much is a heatstamp
  6. It's free. They give a 3 to 5 day timeframe. I got mine on the 5th day from SF's LV.
  7. Many people stamp their wallets and they look wonderful! I've never stamped anything other than my initials. Not all LV stores do heat stamping...you have to call the store that you're going to in order to find out if they stamp on site or not...you can, however, drop your bag/accessory at any LV boutique and they will ship it to the store that does stamping.

    They have a catalog with different kinds/colors of leather with initials on them. I don't believe you can stamp more than 3-4 initials (at least, that option wasn't in the book, but you can always ask). There are different sizes and colors as well as periods and no periods option for initials (all depend on how much room you have for stamping).

    Hope I helped! Good luck!

    Oh, and heat stamping is FREE!
  8. I just got my luggage tag heat stamped at the SF LV. I got there first thing in the morning (to buy my Saleya) and they were able to finish it the same day because I live about 4 1/2 hours from the store. I picked it up in the afternoon. :biggrin: I had a hard time deciding between the 3 initials or the two initials. I went with 2 in gold. :amuse:
  9. Congrats!!!! Please post pics! :biggrin:
  10. The heatstamping is regulated only to roman numerals, right? I would rather have my name heat-stamped in chinese characters, rather in roman letters. Wonder if the Taipei 101 LV store would do that :idea:
  11. Here's a pic of mine. I wish the letters were a little more centered but since I got the tag for free (they messed up my transaction, long story, so they gave me a luggage tag ;) ) I don't mind. :biggrin:
  12. Oooooh! Chinese characters!!! what a great idea!!!!!!! Do you think they'd stamp it a few months after the original purchase date?!? thanks
  13. I believe a forum member brought in a vintage luggage tag and had it heat stamped.
  14. Ooohhh.. that's a GREAT idea!!
  15. Heat-stamping on the spot is only available in larger stores. My LV had to send it out and it took 2 weeks. Call your store and ask.

    Three sizes of font, many colors to choose from.

    Here's the original luggage tag from my vintage Mono Keepall 45 (over 20 years old). No problem with getting it done at all.

    I love it - this is my first time getting anything heat-stamped! :love:
    DSCN2647.JPG DSCN2649.JPG