Speaking of GUCCI -how about a matching wallet?

  1. Is it a MUST for you to have a matching wallet to go with your AMAZING purse? It is a PP of mine, my wallet MUST coordinate with my purse -I am sure it's not just me. It bugs me when I see someone with a REAL nice purse and then they pull out this wallet that looks like it came from the Salvation Army. HA! HA! How about you?
  2. I can agree with you on that. I think getting a really nice wallet to accent your purse really sets it off.
  3. I try to get the matching wallet when I can.
  4. I TOTALLY relate!!!!! All my purses have matching wallets..EXCEPT for the MJ mp I just bought..Having trouble finding one with silver hardware to match my purse...I'm constantly checking everywhere...Hopefully I'll find one...I bought a Gucci wallet to match the purse I wanted before I even bought the purse lol!!! :heart: Emmy
  5. I can't justify spending so much on a wallet. I dunno $300+ seems an awful lot for a wallet. I am starting to spend more on bags but i haven't gotten into wallets yet. I have a really cute coach wallet i got for my birthday 2 years ago and i can't seem to part with it... but it has seen better days. I've been looking at the chloe wallets but again, the prices are insane :P
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