speaking of fabulous jewelry...anyone own any HERMES ???/

  1. you know chain d'ancre............etc etc
  2. besides the ename bracelets? yep

    Chaine D'Ancre bracelet
    H lock necklace
    Horse head stck pin
    Ano horn cuff
    Liao necklace....
  3. Hermesaholic, yes, my DH told me to pick what Hermes I would like to have for Christmas. After having to send one selection back, it was a tie between an 18K white gold woven bracelet with diamond pave' clasp and a JPG Crocodile Kelly.

    This was a lot of fun! I selected the bracelet and have enjoyed it very much.

  4. Yep-the H jewelry can look both wonderfully traditional and modern

    Two leather & silver chokers
    PM Enamel Bangles
    Chain D a necklace
    Vintage men's watch
    DT Cape Cod
  5. WOWEE! that is something..................:heart: I am falling in love with the whole brand................bad for my wallet!

  6. is the chain D necklace heavy?
  7. I am not sure if one can classify it as fabulous jewelry, but I just got me a medor watch. I will post pics when it arrives.

  9. What Do We Think Of The Chaine D'ancre In Gold???
  10. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.:tup:

    That's what we think!
  11. You might want to check out the members' pictures in the reference sub-section. Eye candy.

    I have on order a "Nausicaa Croisee" ring in white gold that is for AW2007. It's custom made and will be shipped in Sep07.
  12. The Chaine D'ancre necklace and bracelet in white gold and diamonds.
    Chaine d ancre Dia necklace & Bracelet.jpg
  13. Oh I love that Mrssparkles!!!

    Isus- GORGEOUS! OMG! Your bracelet is stunning!

  14. me likey:drool:

  15. is there a picture of your ring?