Speaking of Excuses...What's Yours?

  1. What's your excuse...let's hear them!

    When it comes to shopping and purses...what is your most creative excuse(s) for the new item that just appeared on your arm?

    You know when your partner asks the loaded question...Where or When did you get that?????

    I know I am running on empty on the "This has been in my closet"...so let's share and help keep all fellow CHANEL addicts from a ban.
  2. I just smile and say (based on the question of "when and where did you get THAT purse"), "A few months ago. I worked HARD for this bag". Both of which are true. I may buy a bag for summer in October or a winter bag in June. And, as a SAHM w/3 boys, one w/Special Needs and in grad school, I DO WORK HARD, lol.
  3. It's a tough sell around here: but i've had some good mileage with
    "Uh! It's a CLASSIC! A porsche will never go out of style! And it makes me SOOOOOOOOO happy!"

    And one that I liked but really fell flat: "It's an heirloom!"
  4. I always say to my db 'I got this in the sale'- he says; 'How comes Chanel is always in the sale?' I say' Stop asking questions!' then I make the excuse that I got it because I am such a good customer!
    Or I pay half cash half card, so when cc bill comes he thinks it costs half the price!
  5. cammy1 - that is a good idea, I like the half and half payment. Nice job, looks like a great deal - how could you pass it up....hehehe.

    I have a friend - who used the "Won, it online - in a contest".
  6. You all are very good...hehehe.

    Whistlerchic- I just caught the heirloom excuse...

    And one that I liked but really fell flat: "It's an heirloom!"

    too funny.:lol::lol::lol:

    Cjj - sounds like you really do work hard - and you should treat yourself. Good for you!
  7. When he asks about a new bag (he would never even dream what these things cost) I come back with an attitude and say "I've been carrying this for a while, and you've seen it plenty of times, you're just now noticing it? Don't you notice anything about me?????????????? That shuts him up quick - not another word is said.
  8. I am a frequent ebayer, so a lot of times, if I'm asked where I got something, I say "oh I got it used, on eBay for a really good deal!" or I'll say I sold some stuff on eBay to raise funds for the bag (which, of course, I got on sale as well! LOL) If pressed on the "used" status with "but it looks brand new" you can always say "Chanel lovers always take excellent care of their bags!" If you don't eBay, then you can always substitute "ebay" with "consignment shop". :yes:
  9. won it online?:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. lol, you guys are funny. I have had this for months always works.

  11. ROFL. :roflmfao: This is perfect!
  12. I like the "cost per wear" rationale--Chanel is classic and I will carry it for years and years, so the cost per use is very low! :nuts:
  13. "I will take the 5th."

    Kidding ;)
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :lol: :lol: ...hook, line......and sink 'er!
  15. maybe a friend was cleaning out her closet...and gave this to me.:angel:

    wishful thinking huh?