Speaking of CL bans....I'm on one now! My Iowa Zeppas

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  1. When I was buying my Bruges last weekend the SA told me that he located a pair of Iowa Zeppas in Beverly Hills....woo hoo! After this pair I really have to stop buying CLs and go on a ban for a few months.

    I finally got "the preciousssss" today and I am doing the happy dance :yahoo: I love them! The funny thing was that after I opened up the box there was a scent that came from the shoes, it smelled sweet, like candy?!!:shrugs: Maybe it was the patent dye or something.

    It was a perfect fit.....except for the strap. Due to my flat feet the straps are too loose....argh! I'll have to bring it to the cobbler to shorten them. They aren't as comfortable as the Bruges but I don't care; they look hot! :lol:


  2. [​IMG]

  3. Sorry for the crooked picture.

    The straps are really loose!!!

  4. So beautiful! lucky girl:heart:
  5. fabulous!!
  6. So beautiful I :heart::heart::heart: the Iowa Zeppas. They are such lovely shoes. And they look absolutely fab on you. Congrats!
  7. :heart: Iowa Zeppas... Congrats! :tup:
  8. Very Cute! Love the red nail polish also.
  9. If I could only have one pair of mary janes, those would be the ones. They rock!
    Actually, I have no mary janes. Those would be the ones if I could have any.
    How do they size?
  10. congrats! :flowers:
  11. Honu, you found some great shoes. This is a lovely addition to your already wonderful collection.
  12. Those are SO HOT! :nuts: WOW! Congratulations! (I'm sure these are worth being on a ban!)
  13. Gorgeous, congrats!!
  14. Beautiful!
  15. Very hot indeed! Meeeeoooow!!!!!!!!!!!:cutesy: