Speaking of CdCs...here's one for summer!

  1. Thanks to a dear friend, I am now the proud owner a this gorgeous white Epsom CdC with PHW. I didn't think I could pull it off with my now very pale skin but I think it actually works. Hermes can do wonders for a girl's wrist...:p

    Please excuse the poor picture quality...
  2. It's really pretty. Congrats on the score!
  3. Very pretty! It looks very chic in white:yes:
  4. It's beautiful and perfect for spring, congrats!!
  5. I love it! Congrats...
  6. Fun! Hope you enjoy it, it looks great on you.
  7. Thanks, ladies!!!
  8. Congrats, A It's really great looking!!
  9. Beautiful! It looks great on you!
  10. AL ~ It's Beautiful & Looks Fabulous On!!!!! Enjoy!:love:
  11. Just a thought ( selfish of me 'cause I keep looking to that particular thread ) A, would you post another pic of your gorgeous ( ! ) white CDC on the main CDC thread kind of for reference so the pics and info are all together??
  12. LOVE IT!!!! :heart:
  13. Yep!

    You're one of those lucky ladies who can wear a CDC! Congrats!
  14. Will do!:yes:
  15. That's soooo chic!