Speaking of buying online ... Kooba

  1. Yes, another Kooba thread. Where specifically do you know you can buy authentic Kooba online? I know of JCMadison, Kitson, ELuxury, Active Endeavors, NM, BG, Saks, PinkMascara, Adasa, Karizma, Revolve ... anywhere else?
  2. I never mind adding to a Kooba thread...but gosh! Those are about all of the websites that I know of that are legit. Can't think of another one right at the moment but that's a great question. Thanks for asking.
  3. Thanks, I wanted to be sure that I knew of ALL the Kooba spots on the net. Other than Kooba.com themselves.
  4. Shopbop sells Kooba as well.
  5. Ahhhh yes, thank you.
  6. A couple more...

    Bluebee (I never bought from them, but I read on TPF that their authencity is questionable though)
  7. Just wanted to say "thanks" for the info.

    Cheekers - My name is also Laura. :yes:
  8. thepursestore.com
    annsfabulousfinds.com (pre-loved)
  9. Hi Laura!

    Thanks everyone for the input.
  10. Gracie's of Birmingham?