Speaking of bonuses...

  1. mine is burning a hole in my pocket! I should save it for paris trip to buy kelly and birkin. But, I want a treat now. would it be crazy to buy crocodile belt? I basically only wear H belts, and love crocodile, but won't it just get destroyed if I wear it all the time? I kind of want an H watch, too...but I have lots of watches already and can only wear one at a time...
    ideas, suggestions??
  2. IMO, if you'll wear your croc belt so much that it gets destroyed, then you've gotten your money's worth :yes: So go for it!!
  3. I like the way you think! :tup:
  4. interesting point...but I think the strap alone is going to set me back at least $2k, but I bet I'd really enjoy wearing it!
  5. personally I would save it for Paris and do a shopping spree there plus getting a belt there will help you get a birkin with the SA too!
  6. that's interesting. because the store seemed so segmented...one SA could only sell agendas, another only belts...but maybe if I buy a croc belt, one SA will hand me off in a helpful way to another....and maybe my belt could be refurbished if it wore out?
  7. the belts are right by the bags though which is good ;)
  8. Mine comes in March and I home to do some damage with it in April during the Paris TPF trip!
  9. Keep it for Paris, you can wait, there will be something amazing there for you have faith and join Hermes anonymous!!!! maybe we should set up weekly online meetings for addicts

  10. You are right, you know. Basically, this is Hermes anonymous. Except we also enable each other...so maybe I should ban myself from the forum til Paris. (as if!)
  11. ah, definitely save it for Paris. :smile:
  12. Why don't you buy a twilly or a pouchette? It's a little indulgence - You aren't taking that much away from Paris - but it still feels good.
    And you have a recieving twilly for your newest baby once you get her in Paris!
  13. Me too!! :tup::tup:
  14. Ummm..mine's already accounted for...the grail was found about a month before the bonus was announced so I was doing some figurative nail chewing in anticipation since they're "never" gauranteed....All's well in the end but unfortunately its already spent:tdown:

    On the bright side, no debt:yahoo:....for now.....