Speaking of Bocces, Mine Just Came.. YAY!

  1. Woohoooooo.. I went to get the mail now and this lovely little baby was waiting.. I LOVE IT.. It is so hard to find a Bocce with great placement but this one has it.. Oh and it was 3 uncut Mermaids! I Love the Mermaids. *Does a Happy Dance*:happydance: I'm not for small bags but this little one rocks!
  2. The mermaid is my favorite character on Pirata. Congrats!!
  3. nice placement! the purple haired girl sitting down is my fave :p
  4. The jewels and crab! AW!!!!!!!!!!11
  5. wow! perfect placement!!!! congrats!
  6. cute bocce!! congrats Danelys :biggrin:
  7. that is actually perfect placement on such a small bag! congrats! :yes:
  8. Thanks guys.. yeah I LOVE it.. And I really hate small bags but this one is different. The Bocce is so darn cute.. And I just ordered another one in Inferno with the Vampire Bunnies! YAY...:yahoo:
  9. Goegeous!!! :drool:

  10. Love it! Such great placement for a bocce
  11. That's really an AMAZING placement on the bocce!! Congrats!! The mermaid looks so cuuute on it!!
  12. lovely bocce.. the full body purple haired girl is totally awesome.. congrats :smile:
  13. wow gorgeous!! :biggrin: congrats!
  14. congratz!
  15. Thank you! I love it... I never knew bocces were so cute. I wish they would have them for Vacanze. its a bummer...