Speaking of Bad Customer Service

  1. I went to the Coach store today to return some bags. One I had purchased a while ago and never used (blue hampton's weekend large tote), one I had bought, didn't like and ended up buying another of at a different boutique - which by the way i was wearing today to the store- (Denim Signature Stripe Tote) and the third was a wristlet i bought at an outlet and never used.

    Okay, this is the first time i have EVER returned anything Coach. It's not like i'm constantly buying and returning things- although even if i were, i don't think i deserve to be sneered at.

    I went up to the register and the girl who ended up "helping" me has seen me in the store before. She greets me with a very generic welcoming. I don't expect them to jump up and down, but i'd like to feel like i'm not bothering them because i'm walking in. I start to tell her that i have some returns and she just kind of mumbles and asks me "so what's wrong with these?" and i said, nothing is wrong with them, they are fine, i just don't use them and need to return them" so she totally didn't listen to a word I said and asked me at least 2 more times what was wrong with them. I mean, she just generally was uninterested in anything. To be fair, maybe she was having a bad day, and i can certainly understand that, but i think i was being pleasant enough and would have liked that same respect in return.

    Now, I always try to be as nice as possible whenever I shop, because i'm sure retail is hell at times, and most customers can be real handfulls. I even tried making small talk with her, tried to make her smile- nothing. so eventually i gave up.

    My whole plan was to order some more items once i had returned the items i came in with, but since she didn't really care to ask me if there was anything else she could do for me i just left.

    After that, i went down to the outlet to pick up a bag i didn't get on Wednesday, and all the SA's were really nice and smiling big. It was nice that at least some people are still friendly.

    Anyway, that's my rant. If anyone has a really friendly boutique, can you PM me? I'd like to call and see if i can get my last PCE orders in before it ends tomorrow.

    Thanks for reading. I'm really sad it's like this at Coach now, because when i first started shopping at Coach all the SA's were so friendly. Now i just feel awkward going into a boutique- or at least my local one anyway. :sad:
  2. Sadly, this seems to the a recurring theme recently! I am glad to say that the SA's at my store are very nice...so sorry this happened.
  3. I dont like the SA's at my local store either...there is maybe ONE I like...but she is rarely there! BTW...how is the denim tote??? Cant wait to hear!!!
  4. I PM'ed you, hun. Nobody at the boutique I work at is like that. We :heart: our customers, and I know Sprinkles and Ms-whitney and their boutique SA's do too. Screw these stuck-up losers! :hs: I don't work for a couple of weeks but my managers will treat you like a QUEEN! :queen:
  5. :sad:

    i'm so sorry. but i totally relate. my sa's used to be SO sweet...but now i barely get the time of day...
  6. It seems to be a crapshoot - everyone has different experiences at the same boutiques, too. I called to place a phone PCE order at one of our Portland, OR boutiques, and the SA that answered refused to do it; said I had to come in person with coupon in hand. Called a second one and I barely got out what I wanted to do, and he was all over it -- heck yes, what are the numbers, you name it. This is the total opposite of what others have experienced at these two particular locations.

    I agree there is NEVER an excuse for poor customer service but there are so many variables that we're all going to hit a bad day somewhere, sometime.
  7. thanks everyone. if nothing else I'm glad to know it's not just me.
    i heart you guys.
  8. I've been to two three boutiques and four outlets stores and called one different outlet store today and the service I have received at the outlets is SO much better than at the boutiques. Especially considering I can buy way more at an outlet AND I get better customer service, it's kind of a no-brainer as to which I will shop at .
  9. Geez, this really stinks!! I have been to the coach boutiques in california and las vegas with purchases and returns and been treated nothing but great!!! Even when I went in to return and get nothing else.. they were incredible!! Sorry to hear that.