Speak your mind or stay quiet?


Speak your mind or stay quiet in interest of popularity?

  1. Speak your mind, say exactly what you think, regardless of consequences?

  2. Stay quiet in the interest of popularity & harmony & perhaps get angry inside?

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  1. I speak my mind regardless of whether it makes me popular or not.
    How many others say exactly what they think, in a polite way of course, regardless of how popular or unpopular it will make them & how many bite their tongues & will not say what they think in the interests of popularity?
  2. I stay quiet, but I really want to get out of that habit!
  3. Maybe not the healthiest option, perhaps this thread will help you to get where you want to be :smile:
  4. i most def. speak my mind no matter what haha :smile: i mean of course i try to be as polite as possible but i do defend my opinion so if someone totally disagrees with me i will totally defend it back haha :smile:

    i always try to be nice, of course i take my opinions veryyy seriously haha so i get worked up and into them but i think its all in good fun always to state your own opinions

    and people can dislike me for it, or like me for it whichever but i am def a speak my mind kind of girl! :smile:
  5. the balance of speaking my mind and learning when to speak up and when to listen and learn was definately put into play today.

    my desire to stay quiet was rewarded by a healthy dose of listening, and it eventually changed my opinoin.

    you can speak your mind, and do it in a way that is adult and mannerly :smile: and heated opinions turn sour and then sweet again. it's refreshing!
  6. Both, depending on the situation and topic at hand but I'm not afraid to do either.
  7. Happy medium. Nothing is gained to insult But nothing is gained to be Mrs. Nice There is always a happy medium.
  8. I generally speak my mind - no point in being alive if you don't make a ripple in life's pond! :lol:

    But I try to remain polite and not resort to personal comments, if at all possible! :biggrin:
  9. I can't vote yes or no because I'm somewhere in the middle. It depends on how important the issue is or how upset it makes me.
  10. I choose my battles... Some things are just good to be left alone and some things need to be raised. It really depends.
  11. I mainly speak my mind, it's so hard for me to keep it all in..lol
    But sometimes I keep it to myself in certain cases.
  12. for the most part, i speak my mind.
  13. If something needs to be said, I'll have it out and I'm not exactly famous for backing out of a confrontation (to put it mildly) However, age and maturity (I think it's that, LOL, or maybe I'm just getting boring) have told me to calm down a bit and not get so excited just because somebody's opinion differs from mine...And you know, sometimes it doesn't really matter what you think, if somebody else is happy with whatever's going on... do people really need to hear my opinion all the time? Don't think so...
  14. I choose my fights, but recently Ive been keeping quiet a lot more because the things that have been getting to me could leave me without a job if I speak my mind.
  15. I speak my mind, but sometimes it's not such a good thing. I've gotten into trouble by doing so :s
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