Speak to you all in a week!

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  1. Leaving for Jamacia in the morning for a weeks vacation..I will miss the forum...shop lots ladies! I can't wait to read all about it upon my return!!! (I will be carrying my new Gucci med. Boston bag on the plane!!! FINALLY!) packed the white MC speedy I bought from PGN here on the forum, and my new white MC rift. I left enough room to buy some goodies...but if I find nothing I love its all good as we get our puppy the day after we return!Take care everybody!!!:love:
  2. OMG !!!!! Have a wonderful trip, eat, drink, and relax. see you when you get back.

    Have a safe trip.
  3. Have fun Sunshine!!!!!! Take lots of pictures to share & tell us how the shopping is, lol.
  4. Have fun, we'll be living vicariously through you! :biggrin:
  5. That sounds wonderful. I hooe you have a great time. Post a ton of pics when you get back.
  6. I was there last month - in Negril. Great weather, beautiful warm water and grilled lobster tail!!
    My tan has faded I need to go back.
    Have a wonderful trip!!!!
  7. Hope you have a fabulous vacation !
  8. I hope you have fun! I love Jamaica.:love:
  9. Have fun.
  10. Have a good time! I love Jamaica. I went there a few years ago on a cruise, we only got to stay there a day but I loved it.
  11. Have a great time!
  12. Have fun Sunshine...I think ur name is quite appropriate too! ;) If you can, when you get back from your whirlwind trip, post some pics of ur vac. I'd love to see it since my DH and I are going there in May.

    Have fun and enjoy your bags when ur down there but be careful!!!!!
  13. have a wonderful time! post photos!
  14. Have a really wonderful time!
  15. have a great vacation sunshine.