Speak Italian using Miu Miu Bow colors

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  1. Talco-talcum powder
    Mughetto-lily of the valley
    Grafite-black lead
    Amarena-sour black cherry

    At least when anyone of us bow lovers go to Italy, we'd be armed with some vocabulary. ;)
  2. hahaha this is so neat!

    they make so much sense and are so appropriate i love it
  3. Those are the only Italian words I know along with words for food.

    Oh, I also know Rosso (red).

  4. Sweet post --I love these names! fits the bags very well :smile:
  5. hehe That's interesting :P

    Moro is brown.
  6. so cool!!

    my baby is lily of the valley.. sweet!!

    Thanks for sharing bagcat!! : )
  7. I LOVE IT...pucker up...MY BABY BOW IS SOUR BLACK CHERRY:heart:

    Now maybe something in SMOKE and I'm not talking about cigarettes :roflmfao:
  8. ^^you're sooo cute! I wonder what your new bag will be?! hmmmm....
  9. i love getting an Italian lesson.
  10. What is PRUGNA?
  11. hahah thanks for that
    it all makes sense now!
  12. that was interesting :smile:
  13. Plum. I looked it up online. Google Italian to English translation. Then type in your word.:tup:
  14. Cera = Wax
    What colour is cera/wax?

  15. Thanks for sharing.