1. WOW!!! I wish I could have that bag.
  2. OMG

    Can't wait to see auction will end without bidder.
  3. Talk about buyer's remorse! The seller said she only used the bag once!
  4. Whoa.

    Lol, the starting bid is only ONE dollar less than the BIN price. And I didnt even know eBay had restricted auctions O_o Who is this lady?
  5. amazing isn't it.......?
  6. It's too beautiful, I'd be afraid to buy it if I could for fear I'd "hurt" it! lol
  7. that care booklet is freaking me out though... isn't that the care booklet they use with fakes?:unsure:

    i saw this same bag in white at heathrow airport in london last week - quite beautiful. it was about 5600 pounds.
  8. wow.. i dont think anyone will buy it.. its too risky!
  9. Wow... that's the price of a car :shame: I couldn't even imagine spending that much on a bag.
  10. hehehe, i think i'd pass on that!
  11. It's been awhile since I bought a Chanel. I don't recall the booklet coming with it. The hologram card yes. But you can't go by me since my memory is faulty even on "good days".

    The bag is TDF but I would prefer it in some other color than black... maybe a burgundy... (like I would pass this one up if it came my way! LOL!)
  12. wow... you can buy a corolla if you add $2k more to the ebay bid price..
  13. It is indeed a beautiful bag but at the same time, it is a lot of money to spend.
  14. That bag has been on ebay for awhile. I think she will have a hard time selling the bag - although it is beautiful