Speachless here.....

  1. I wonder what one would do with this Kelly? Keep it for it's history? Love it for all the tales it could tell:p Just what do you do with it, for surely, you would not wear it in that condition and could Hermes really do much with it?
  2. ^^^That is one :confused1: bag...I would enable you, but THAT ONE. Are you sure?

    No need for KNEE PADS for that one.....:rolleyes:
  3. omg guys.....I don't think the most talented craftsman on the PLANET could help this poor thing......Jumping Jesus, it's a WRECK!!!!
  4. This bag needs to be put to rest. So sad!
  5. While I don't deny anyone the opportunity to list something like this for sale, I find it interesting that people think Hermes so desirable as to list something like this in that condition for that much money.
  6. ^^^ITA!!! It really is amazing!
  7. omg!!!

    poor kelly. :yucky:
  8. It is at rest, but this owner is trying to get one last mile out of it to make a fast buck!
  9. we can have a double interrment ceremony for this and the sad bolide that keeps returning to eBay . . . .
  10. LOL!!!!! Who should we get to officiate the service?
  11. Gay Ken.
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. *stares at shopmom's mug*......
  14. Gay Ken has way better taste than be anywhere near those bags. :yucky: