1. hi... can someone explain to me exactly what spazzolato is? Is it patent leather? or does it just look really shiny because of the photos i see? i haven't seen it in actual yet, as i have no time to check it out at the department stores.

    i'm considering getting the gray spazzolato wallet from the spring collection (the one with the tan leather interior).. but i cannot decide between that or a saffiano multi colour (black with pink interior)?

    what do you all think?
  2. *it is the same gray spazzolato as the tote that jessica alba has :smile:
  3. In italian spazzolato means brushed.
    The terms is used for a brushed or polished leather to a high shine or what we think of patent leather.

    Many other designers use the term to describe their polished/brushed leathers--Tod's uses it for their shoes, Bottega Veneta uses it for their bags.

    Hope this helps. If some of Prada's spazzolato leather bags were totes or different shapes, I would consider one too
  4. Like Longchamp said it's polished but not patent. It wears well but if you really want a wallet that stays looking almost new then I would go with the saffiano
  5. Hi... that helps :smile: i read on this forum that the saffiano doesn't age well, that's why i'm still torn ... hmmmmm
  6. I have never heard of saffiano not aging well. The spazzolato will absolutely scratch and the shine wears off a little, just to worn you.
  7. And on a side note I love the grey!!!
  8. yes i thought it was rather odd that some have said that it doesnt age well.. but perhaps they only mean the coloured saffianos?

    anyway the black against the pink interior looks lush.. and so does the gray... aahhh! well i guess i shall decide on whatever is available at the store!

  9. Thinking about it now I remember. The metallic saffiano does not wear well at all but the rest should be fine.
  10. Saffiano well hold up very well. But yes hard to turn down that cute grey spazz wallet!!

    Let us know what you decide.
  11. I got the spazz! :smile:
    now how do i take care of it?? i feel like it's so delicate because it's so soft (and shiny)
  12. Post a photo when you get a chance. I would love to see it.
  13. LOL at "spazz" wallets. I too would love to see a picture if you get a chance!
  14. [​IMG]


    the interior goes well with taupe nailpolish, does it not? :p

    oh, and I got that instead of the zip wallet because it was smaller...