spats & belts

  1. can anyone recommend where to buy leather spats to wear with heals? I'm also looking for a good waist belt and a skinny belt for high waisted jeans!
  2. What's a spat? :confused1: :shame:

    I have a really great skinny leather belt from Target. It's honey colored leather and it has tiny nickel loop thing instead of a buckle. People always think it's some fancy brand.

    I have a thick waist belt from Planet Funk that is awesome. It was $12 on sale and it looks like the ones Posh always wears.
  3. cool thanks. o a spat is a leather accessory that goes over the shoe, it's old school. i'm also looking for a jack rabbit belt, it's a big, soft waist belt a friend bought and i can't find it online.. :sad:
  4. hey thanks!