Spa's in New York!!

  1. Hey ladies, and gents..

    For christmas, i will be getting my mother a trip to a day-spa, I need recommendations from people in New York..

    Where is the best spa that you have been to? Or can you recommend one?

  2. I recommend Bliss Spa. The service is good but I do have to admit that the prices are a little steep.
  3. I loved Bliss. The prices are waaaay high and all their services are ala carte, but they were awesome. I love their manis and pedis. You get your own station and they served me hot fudge brownies and hot chocolate!
  4. Theres Oasis day spa...its pretty reasonable
  5. Thank You everyone, so much! I think I have decided on the Bliss Spa!
  6. Great choice! That was going to be my suggestion as well.
  7. Sounds great! Thats a very nice gift. Most people don't go to the spas themselves but when you get a gift certificate its the perfect time to go!!