1. This diet website is awesome! I just found it the other day. You pay $10 for an entire year. You go in there and put in your weight, height, ect. Then you can track your food intake everyday! It has a food index that gives you the calories, fat, vitamin content, etc. The food base is huge! A plus is that you can input your own food to add to the index, so if you eat something that isn't found in the index you can add it! The layout us awesome and they give you little charts and everything. :yes:
  2. Yea i use that site even though i am only trying to tone up. I did not think it cost 10.00 a year? I belong to one of the groups and it is great.
  3. Sparkpeople is free.
  4. I am a member too, and I didnt pay anything! its a really great site.
  5. I am currently using weight watchers online for a fee.
    I am going to check out sparkpeople since its free. Does anybody have experience on both sites?
  6. I'm using sparkpeople and it doesn't cost anything.
  7. I love sparkpeople! I just signed up about two weeks ago and have lost five pounds so far. I didn't pay $10.00 though :shrugs:
  8. wow sounds like a good site.. i'm gonna try it out!
  9. wow im signing up too. jsut started the sign in proes s but it seems pretty good
  10. I must be getting ripped off! I distinctly remember paying 10 dollars for two years straight. Do you guys get all the features like the food database, BMI and weekly calendar tool?
  11. yup and you putin the food each day and it works out how many calories etc