Sparkly reveal: Two of hearts! Cute!

  1. Two of hearts one at a time, trying to capture the sparkle!:


    Wrapped up and served on a plate!

  2. Congrats on your newbie shiny hearts !!!
  3. Somehow I did manage to end up with both, allthough I had decided to go with one. Oh, the ever persuasive Vuitton..

  4. congrats!!!
  5. Final Shot, the silver one really sparkly!!


    It's really hard to capture the "color" of these as every color is reflected in them. Here with baby blue silk surrounding it.
  6. Congrats!! So pretty!
  7. congrats and hope i can get both tooo:tup:
  8. Love the SHINE. Glad you got both, such a nice set.
  9. ^
    I still have more coming up, but they haven't received them in store yet!

    Thanks everyone. Wonder if anyone can guess the scarf design? ;)
  10. They are absolutely lucky to have two!
  11. wow congrats - I really want the gold one
  12. Congrats, absolutely GORGEOUS! I want, I want, lol! :biggrin:
  13. yehey!!! you got them!!! congrats! they're both very pretty!!!
  14. sparkly is an understatement! they're LOVELY! Congrats on getting both!
  15. Congrats :nuts: