** sparkly reveal, FINALLY mine **


Góðan Daginn
Jun 9, 2011
Last year, in February, I saw a pair of black Miu Miu glitter shoes, I felt in love and bought them immediately. My mum thought they were too expensive and I had to return them, my dad told me that he didn't raised me that way (returning shoes hehe) with the hint that I should buy them again, unfortunately I didn't have enough time anymore, because I was staying at a friends place in London only for a few days and had to go home already.

I was really sad that I didn't get the sparkly shoes I was looking for, for over a year already then. Most sparkly shoes you see are kids shoes. Anyways, I kept checking out eBay every once in a while, but no luck. When I looked on eBay this December, I saw a pair in gold! It's not the original flats I saw in first place, with the sparkly stones in the back, but oh well, these are sparkly as well! I bought them immediately and couldn't wait 'till they would arrive.

I bought them the 22th of December, so of course there was a delay because of the holidays. When I thought that the package was lost, because I couldn't trace the package + USPS didn't know where they were + it just took to long, I gave up hope and thought they weren't meant to be.. Just when the seller wanted to give me back my money, a package arrived and I had to pay money for it, so that could have only been my shoes. I didn't have any money at home that time, because I didn't expect my shoes anymore. The mailman told me he would be back in an hour. I waited and waited and after 2 hours, I thought he wouldn't come anymore. I was disappointed, because I just wanted to get my shoes!! Well after those long 2 hours of waiting, I was finally able to take out my lovely sparkly shoes out of the box and put them on my feet immediately. I was afraid, they would be a size too big, but they are perfect !!

Sorry for the long story, you can also skip the story if you want and just look at the photos :lol:



<3 Mulberry
Jan 8, 2012
So so nice! Worth the wait and at least now you have them you know how much they mean to you! Good daddy telling you to get them though, it's always nice to have support from friends and family for our little 'treats'! Enjoy them xxx