Sparkly Goodies on sale at NM!

  1. I just got some pics from my SA, Lisa Hamlin, of some of the jewelry that is currently on sale at NM, so I thought I would pass it along to everyone!!!

    Call Lisa if you are interested at (248) 635-8442! Enjoy!!!:heart:

    First pic:

    second pic:
    belt size 95was$1285now$578

    third pic:
    butterfly pin was$625now$281earringswas$670now$301necklacewas$610now$274
    IMG_4508.JPG IMG_4506.JPG IMG_4509.JPG
  2. thank you for sharing. The butterfies set is so tempting :smile:
  3. love the earrings and butterfly necklace!!! I wish the Vancouver store had these!
  4. FYI, the butterfly collection was so horribly done :sad: the paint was chipping on all of the pieces I got, so I had to take them back...totally not worth even the sale price...
  5. ^^^Oy, good to know!
  6. Lovely, thanks for sharing!
  7. like the butterfly set the most .... they're so pretty! But guess the paintwork is not up to par..
  8. that is good to know about the butterfly line! The necklace was so purdy too!:sad:
  9. ^ yeah totally guys! I bought the necklace RETAIL from Nordstrom when it came out and the paint is literally PAINTED on with a brush (something I could have made in ceramaics class in HS!!) and it was chipping and un even. I then rebought the necklace at NM when it went on first cut, and still the same issue...I love butterflies and purple, but It was not worth IMO to pay close to $300 for them :sad: I feel so bad for mentioning it because I know how close jag is to her SA..whos fabulous btw....but if someone doesnt mind the imperfections then go for it.....
  10. Wow..I was almost tempted to buy them. The butterflies are still so adorable.

  11. OMG! Please don't feel bad for a second! I would hate for someone here to get something that wasn't up to par! We all look out for one another- and you just save me, and probably someone else, a few hundred$$! Now that money can go to another handbag:p YOu are a sweetheart for warning all of us!!!
  12. Giiiirl is your spacebar broken!!??? LOL. =P
  13. Thanks jag for posting these goodies!!
    Thank you paree for warning us about the butterfly line, I've been eyeing that necklace for the longest time!!
  14. Thanks for posting, I adore Chanel jewelry! If you get any other pic.'s, please post!!!!!!
  15. Thanks for the buutefly warning. I had seen them when they first came out and loved them, but would be very upset to spend that much for imperfections and poor quality control.