Sparkling LV... Crystals? Riveting?

  1. I was pulling out of my parking space in front of the supermarket the other day and noticed a woman walking into the store carrying an LV bag that was practically *b-l-i-n-d-i-n-g*! Couldn't get close enough to see it very well (I was driving, she was walking past) but it was definitely LV mono. Now, is there an LV with crystals? Or was it one of the new riveting bags (aren't they new?) The way the sunlight hit it, it absolutely sparkled! BTW, she was in her late 50's or 60's, dressed sharply, and this was outside Buffalo, NY in the Wegmans parking lot.
  2. Maybe it was a mirroir bag???
  3. could it have been a theda?
  4. I don't think the riveting bags are that blinding...the hardware isn't that shiny. And there aren't any mono canvas bags with crystals, with the exception of those Les Extrordinares clutches from a couple of years ago. Or the Suede Thedas.
    But if you said it was on the mono canvas, then I'm going to guess it was something fake.
  5. ahhh the theda very nice!
  6. theda- very pretty bag!
  7. There is that purple one...deluxeduck knows the name...I always forget.
  8. what about the glitter bags? on elooks like a bucket bag with pockets on the outside
  9. wow the theda is blingy!!!
  10. could it possibly be a Satin Cherry Blossom bag?
  11. Not a Miroir, and not a Theda (at least not like the one linked to above.) It was definitely a MONO and it wasn't shine, it was sparkle.

    Fake, you think? Too bad. The woman looked really pulled together. And I just HATE FAKES!:rant: Not that someone with a smaller budget should have to go without, but I hate what fakes are all about (terrorism, child labor, drug trafficking) and what they have done to eBay. BAH!
  12. Maybe it's a real LV but she had it custom crystallized with Swarovski's. I know I've been aching to do that forever to a regular mono LV bag....but haven't had the guts to yet. Will likely use amber colored crystals :smile:
  13. Could possibly have been fake..I've seen really dressed up ladies actually in the LV store carrying a fake (last one I saw was a white MC Alma).
  14. hmmm... i've never seen mono with BLING!!!! hahah

    maybe it was fake???