Sparkling Kooba?

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  1. This past weekend I saw someone carrying what looked like a sparkly caramel Parker. I didn't get close enough to see, or ask. I fell in love. But I'm wondering if it was a patent leather (do they sparkle in certain light?) We were indoors.
    Does anyone own one? Or maybe know the color that sparkles like that? I want one!!

    Thanks for your help, ladies!
  2. I haven't come across any Parkers in a sparkly caramel color, although I have seen them online in mirrored gold, which looks a lot like patent leather. A shimmery caramel sounds divine! I hope you find out what it is! :smile:
  3. Sorry - this is O/T, but the two of kinda look alike! And both from Albuquerque!
  4. I haven't seen the particular bag you are speaking of, but I have a Kooba in Honey (normal leather that is caramel/honey color) and it has a bit of sparkle in the leather that is very visible in certain light. It's pretty. Maybe it is a caramel/honey colored leather that Kooba uses, not too sure though.
  5. It sounds like it is the patent carmel parker. It is very sparkly in the light. Really pretty.
  6. Thanks! I really am kicking myself for not asking her!!! Do you know what styles came out in the caramel patent?
  7. The styles I know of are the Parker, Natasha and Brooke. Or those are the only styles that I liked. LOL! There is a beautiful carmel patent Brooke on ebay right now. Although it is too small for me. I love the Parker.