*~*Sparklemint's LV*~*

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  1. :love:
    This is the whole gang!:love:

  2. :girlsigh:

  3. :love:White Multicolore!:love:

  4. :girlsigh:Monogram!:girlsigh:

  5. One more shot of the group!

  6. wow...awesome collection! I am def. :drool: over here!! Thanks for sharing!!
  7. Whoa ... awesome collection! I love each and every piece!
  8. You have a great LV collection! love your multicolor ones :tup:
  9. Beautiful collection :smile:
  10. stunning collection!
  11. Great collection! I love how you have lots of different variations on the LV monogram- nice variety!
  12. beautiful collection, sparklemint! thanks for sharing!
  13. Gorgeous collection, sparklemint! I esp. LOVE your Damier Trevi! :drool: Thanks for sharing!
  14. hi there! i just found this amazing forum and excited to find people with the same hobby as mine.ur collection are awesome:tup:!! love to have that one day...:drool:
  15. Love your collection!