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  2. has anyone shopped on this site before? is it reliable? TIA!
  3. LQs are not discounted 50%. They are $65 marked down from $90. This site doesn't look very legit to me.
  4. I'm sorry if they are not and don't know myself. Because I receive hundreds of newsletters daily, there is no way for me to check out each one. I feel really bad though when I post a site that turns out not to be legit and I recommend that everyone question one they are unsure of as you have done. :yes:
  5. *bump

    i was a little wary about this site at first, but i contacted their CS to inform them that the Love Quotes scarves were not marked 50% off as advertised. the SA i talked to was very nice, and she promptly changed the price of the scarves. all the LQ scarves are now marked at $45.00, and i was able to use the code 'SPARKLE' for an additional discount. i'm happy to report that i just received my teal and merlot (rayon) LQ scarves for $72.00 shipped!!

    there are still some LQ scarves left if anyone is interested.
  6. Thanks so much...I feel better knowing that this site is legit!! Congrats on the scarves! It would be great if you were to post pics!

  7. hey bag! i'm away at law school, and don't have my camera with me (i don't want any memories of this place! as soon as i snag a camera from one of my friends, i'll post up pics of the scarves. :smile:

  8. LOL! I hear that! Don't worry about the's not that important. Just enjoy your new scarves and have fun!:tup: