Sparking some Prada love

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  1. I am brand new to Prada. Waiting for my first item to arrive tomorrow. I noticed this sub is kinda empty :girlsigh:

    I am excited :loveeyes: about my new purchase and would love to hear about your love for Prada. :hbeat: Your collections. What made you fall in love or out of love with Prada. :heart:
  2. One of my oldest bags in my collection is a Prada bag, and it's one of my favourite bags of all time. There are very few bags that I love this much. It's the briefcase pictured below, but the straps on mine are black instead of brown.
    I started falling out of love with Prada when I noticed that a nylon backpack that I got was made in China, although the made-in label was so well hidden that I had to invert the lining inside the pocket just to find it. It felt deceptive. At that time, Prada's designs got boring. Every man's bag started to look so safe that there was no reason to buy any of them (I like bags with something unique enough to make it look different from the rest of the boring men's bags out there). On top of that, their quality got worse. I bought a portfolio bag and the lining was stained with glue marks. The edge-glazing was very sloppy. On the forum here, there were numerous complaints of cracked glazing. So it really made me not consider more bags from the brand.

    I'm starting to look at more Prada again recently, because their men's bags started to get interesting again. In addition, I got a Prada bag for work last month that looks quite basic (I wanted a boring black work bag that didn't look too formal) but it became my favourite work bag I've ever owned. Easy to use. Light weight. Perfect size. Relatively worry-free. And the quality is much better than I thought.

    I'm eyeing their new Galleria tote for men, as well as some of their new very small men's Saffiano messenger bags that almost look like lunch boxes. As long as the glazing isn't sloppy and won't crack easily, I wouldn't mind adding these to my collection eventually. The Galleria bag would be so much nicer if the leather on the sides was a softer leather rather than Saffiano, because it looks kind of bad on the sides where it is folded.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Thank you for sharing. Yours is an interesting read. I received my item today and turned it inside out looking for a Made In tag. Couldn't find it. I only found a small cheap paper like tag in the pocket lining that said 42. Bizarre. Why was that so important to include in the bag? The mysterious 42. I really enjoyed your description of the brand.
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  4. The tag is usually sewn where a seam in the lining is. My new work bag (from last month) had it sewn in the seam of the lining in the main compartment near the top of the bag. It was, thankfully, made in Italy. I actually looked for it before buying it because I didn't want to buy a made in China bag again.

    That being said, I don't like how this tag is still so hard to find. They should be clearly displaying where all of their bags are made. It should be as clear as Gucci's Made in Italy stamp in all of their leather goods.
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