Spare key ring part for Pink Dalek?Ciao first season

  1. Hello
    Would anyone be able to advise how I can get a replacement key ring part for my pink dalek on Ciao, a first season bag? Any suggestions? Thanks heaps=)
  2. what do you mean by key ring? the part in between his neck and body or the chain?
  3. I bought a signed Dalek from Qeester, not sure if there are any left. I think it was like $15 or even less
  4. they have signed ones left but they're $20 + shipping now if they were cheaper earlier

    and I agree... which part are you talking about?
  5. Hey all...thanks so much for helping! The key ring is the round piece that connects dalek to the bag, and not the chain. How do I go about connecting with Qeester? is it a site?
  6. yes its a site... its :biggrin:
  7. You should be able to use any split ring type key ring. If you don't have one laying around they sell them in hobby/craft stores.